All children should start school on equal footing.

First Day Shoe Fund is dedicated to providing new athletic shoes to elementary school-age children in Kalamazoo County who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. We’re a nonprofit that believes all children should start school on equal footing.
 As an anti-racist organization, First Day Shoe Fund opposes racism, discrimination, police brutality, and violence of all kinds.  We stand in solidarity with our Black community, and cannot claim that all lives matter until Black lives matter.  First Day Shoe Fund is a place and an organization that represents love, hope, and the joy of jumping in a new pair of shoes. 
We stand with our community now and always. 

“After students received their new pair of shoes, I saw an improvement in their overall confidence. They walked into the classroom with their heads up and smiles on their faces. They were excited to show their peers and truly felt good about themselves. This program provided the opportunity for ALL of my students to FEEL pride.”

Mrs. B., Kindergarten

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