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Secures one pair of shoes


Secures shoes for a PEEP classroom


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Other ways to donate

Check or Money Order

Send a check or money order, made payable to First Day Shoe Fund to:

First Day Shoe Fund
5416 Meredith St
Portage MI 49002

Host a Fundraiser

From raising funds through your social media platforms to hosting a fundraiser at your monthly book club, golf night or dinner party - there are countless ways to add FUN to your fundraiser!

Coporate Giving

Check with your company to see if they math donations or channel your inner (friendly) competitor and host a fundraiser at work. We see a lot of “Casual For A Cause” donations, but the possibilities are endless!

Stock Market

Stock Donator is a secure, fast and simple way to gift stock. They take care of all the paperwork and notify you when funds are disbursed.

Planned Giving

By donating through planned giving, you have the ability to make a significant and lasting impact, leaving a legacy that will benefit generations to come.

Want to donate your time?