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Fundraise for First Day Shoe Fund

Did you know you can help FDSF from the comfort of your couch (or anywhere else you like to scroll through your social media feed)?!

It’s simple to create a fundraiser on Facebook, and now we’ve made it even easier with this ready-to-use content.

Content ideas:

    1. Share photos you have from volunteering with us or a picture of your kiddo rocking some FDSF kicks. If you choose to use a personal photo, please add #yesfdsf and/or tag @firstdayshoefund so we know you’re willing to let us use your photo on our platforms.

    2. Share an experience you’ve had with First Day Shoe Fund. Perhaps, something about what it meant to you the first time you saw a kid try on their new shoes. 

    3. Share why you’re involved with First Day Shoe Fund and how your involvement makes you feel.

    Tip: most successful fundraisers speak from personal experiences!

Copy examples:

    • I had so much fun the last time I volunteered with First Day Shoe Fund!  Seeing kids jump around in their brand new shoes is the best feeling in the world.  Will you help me make sure even more kids can experience this joy in the upcoming school year?  It’s easy to donate right here on Facebook, or to find more information at www.firstdayshoefund.org

    • Did you know that over 70% of the students in Kalamazoo Public Schools receive free or reduced lunch?  First Day Shoe Fund provides these and other students in Kalamazoo County with a free pair of brand new athletic shoes to get the school year started on the right foot.  Will you consider joining me to sponsor a local classroom?  I’ve set a fundraising goal of $250, which will provide shoes for an entire class! 

    • ___________ is my (or my child’s) favorite teacher! In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to help sponsor a Kalamazoo County classroom in their name through First Day Shoe Fund.  For just $250, First Day Shoe Fund can provide a pair of brand new athletic shoes to children in need.  Find out more information about First Day Shoe Fund at www.firstdayshoefund.org

    • My child’s favorite pair of shoes sure get a workout between school activities and extra curriculars.  It really makes me think about kids who don’t have access to shoes that fit.  First Day Shoe Fund provides a new pair of athletic shoes to elementary students in need throughout Kalamazoo County.  Help me help them!  Donate here on facebook or visit their website at www.firstdayshoefund.org

Downloadable Photos:

Other ways to give back

Corporate Giving

Channel your inner (friendly) competitor and host a fundraiser at work. We see a lot of “Casual For A Cause” donations, but the possibilities are endless!


When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to First Day Shoe Fund. It’s a win-win! Bookmark it and support us every time you shop!

Attend Our Events

Attending events, like the popular Brews & Shoes, is a great way to support the organization and efforts of our board and volunteers who help coordinate them. Plus, you’re supporting local businesses! 

Donate New Shoes

So you walked by the clearance shoe rack while shopping, immediately thought of First Day Shoe Fund, and filled up your cart with shoes for an incredible deal? Air five, bargain hunter! We’d be happy to coordinate a pick up or drop off; contact us for arrangements.